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NEW VIDEO: Tyler, The Creator & Pharrell “IFHY” 

Tyler, The Creator is moving on up in the world.

The “Slater” rapper has performed on his fair share of late night talk shows, but he stepped it up a notch with a performance on David Letterman’s Late Night With David Letterman.

Of course, there can never be a “normal” appearance by Odd Future, which spawned a hilarious dance sequence Tyler and Earl performed as Domo rapped. 

DETAILS: Tyler, The Creator’s Wolf Projected To Double Goblin Sales

From the cabbage patch to the Temptations doo-wop dance, Tyler and Earl made it awkwardly hilarious for the audience watch. 

Tyler’s new album, Wolf, is currently available in stores. According to projections, the Odd Future frontman is expected to sell 85,000-95,000 copies in his first week. 

Watch their dope performance in the video up top!

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