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It’s been a tough pregnancy for Kim Kardashian, and it seems like everyday is harder than the previous one.

The 32-year-old reality star was recently seen heading to the gym early in the morning to get a workout in, and  picked up some fitness inspiration from her past!

Kimmy posted an old picture of her to her Instagram, where she is dressed in a fancy bathing suit while doing a photoshoot.

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She captioned the photo “I miss u lol” to let her followers know that she is missing her skinny body before she got pregnant.

We know that her pregnancy has taken a toll on her, but once it’s all over she will have a new baby and a chance to get her old body back!

It looks like that’s not the only thing Kim is stressing over, as her and her family are currently suing the late Rob Kardashian’s widow over selling a diary that they inherited.

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TMZ reports that Kim, Kourtney, Khloe, and Rob Jr. are suing Ellen Pearson over the misuse of their father’s diary:

Among the info that Ellen allegedly sold — Kris allegedly hit Kourtney and Kim and also threatened to kill Kim … and Rob was locked in a car while Kris was out on a date.
The lawsuit alleges the diary is owned lock, stock and barrel by the Kardashian kids and Ellen is infringing on their copyright.
The lawsuit demands the return of the diary and family albums, as well as damages.

It looks like things are about to get extra messy between these two parties, but we hope an agreement can be reached soon.

Check out the gallery to see Kim and her baby bump heading to the gym!

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