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It went down between Jaime Pressly and the lovely Estella Warren at a Hollywood event over the weekend. 

According to reports, the two women had an altercation over a missing cell phone, and the police ended up being called. 

US Weekly reports:

A source tells Us Weekly that Pressly and her assistant discovered that the assistant’s purse and phone had gone missing at the original party location, a house in L.A. Using one of those “find my phone” apps, the pair reportedly tracked the phone to Bootsy Bellows, where Warren and several other party guests (including Zac Efron and Adam Lambert) were continuing the celebration.

Well, here is what really happened. GlobalGrind has been told that Estella Warren was out at a house party when she picked up the wrong black clutch, leaving hers (with her phone) behind. But, this caused Jaime Pressly’s assistant to lose her phone, but she was eventually able to track it back to Estella, who apparently didn’t realize she had it. When they found Estella with her phone, Jamie and her assistant actually attacked her. 

The whole misunderstanding has caused Estella to feel “blinded and shocked by the allegations” that she’s a phone thief. Estella is perplexed by the assumption that she would steal a phone but would like to wish Jamie and her assistant the very best.