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Let the shuffling commence! 

NEW MUSIC: Redfoo “Bring Out The Bottles” 

Despite breaking up with his Uncle Redfoo last year, Sky Blu is keeping up the spirit of LMFAO, one party rocking video at a time. 

The party-inspired video kicks off with Sky Blu sporting a new and improved haircut while confirming all of his awards and accolades during an interview.

The video quickly picks up with Sky Blu hopping on his skateboard and taking on the winding hillside streets of Los Angeles.

What’s one half of a LMFAO video without a shuffling scene?

Of course, Sky Blu shuffles his ass off as crooner Mark Rosas sings to the ladies in the background.  

There’s no word yet if Sky Blu will release an entire solo album, but we like what we see so far. 

Watch Sky Blu’s party rocking new video up top!