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Buying counterfeit bags may cost you more than buying the real thing if a new bill gets passed.

City Councilwoman Margaret Chin introduced a bill back in 2011 to outlaw counterfeit shopping, but recently there has been “a renewed push” to get it passed. 

The bill would make the purchase of counterfeit items a class A misdemeanor, punishable by a $1,000 fine and up to a year in prison. The purchaser would have to have had prior knowledge that the item is counterfeit for reasons including, but not limited to, the quality and price of the purchased item, and/or the condition of the seller and the sale location.

STORY: Uh Oh! Does Your Fake Gucci Make You A Criminal? It Will Soon!

A lot of people have called the bill unfair, however the purchase of counterfeit goods does fuel the counterfeit market, which not good for the economy. As an alternative, we have come up with a few other things that should be punishable by fine to make the counterfeit shoppers feel a little less helpless in this matter. 

These offenses are way past just being fashion faux pas, they are downright offensive and we might just need $1,000 per offense to make everything right with the world.

Socks and flip flops are NOT OK! If everyone else is wearing shoes, and we are not in your living room, put on some shoes. This isn’t casual Friday at the farm.

If you are cold and at home, a Snuggie is just fine, but regardless of what the commercial says, wearing a Snuggie in public should be punishable by a hefty fine! Pay up!

We love you Amber, but sunglasses at night or inside of a club is not the business! If you are that famous, we can understand, so Amber might get the pass – but you don’t!

While we are on the subject of sunglasses, take your shudder shades and burn them NOW! Wearing them should equal a fine just as ugly as the shades themselves!

ANYTHING with the word YOLO on it is a no-no! And this guy is wearing sunglasses indoors!  Double no-no. Pay Up!

There are so many things wrong with this picture, but we’re going to focus on the short shorts.  We don’t care how much people call you sexy Cristiano Ronaldo, shorts this short on a man are a no-go. Also are your legs waxed and tanned enough…or no?

Speaking of tanning, when you hit the beach, leave the UGGS at home. The flip flops will do. Pay up!

What’s better than just one collar. Apparently 2 or more. Hey John Mayer, while you’re waiting on the world to change…we’re waiting on you to change. Pay up!

Over-matching sounds like something people should know not to do, and since ignorance is no excuse for the law…this guy needs to pay up!

Leaving the sticker on your fitted hat is the WORST! We get it, you paid for an authentic fitted hat and you want people to know, but this is the equivalent of leaving on the price tag. Knock it off and pay up!

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