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When getting beamed by a baseball “that sh*t really hurts” can be quite the understatement!

Thursday, a fight broke out between the Los Angeles Dodgers and the San Diego Padre during the bottom of the sixth inning — Dodgers in the lead 2 to 1 — a fight which got underway when the Padre’s Carlos Quentin was hit in the arm by a baseball pitch from the Dodgers’ Zack Greinke. Awkward! 10 Quotes From Rand Paul’s Howard University Speech That Made Us Go “Hmmmm!”

Livid by what happened, Quentin charged at Greinke without hesitation, thereafter clearing the bench on both sides. As a result, Greinke suffered a broken left collarbone.

Guess when you’ve been hit by a baseball at least 109 times, it’s hard not to be a bit of a hothead.

And even though fights of this sort aren’t necessarily what make baseball the “Favorite Pastime” we’re pretty sure that fans love the excitement that comes from a good baseball brawl. Last Men Standing: The 7 Senate Democrats Who DON’T Support Gay Marriage!

That being said, we at GlobalGrind decided to compile a list of the wildest baseball fights you will ever see.

Oh! If you were wondering, Los Angeles took a 3-2 victory over San Diego.

Check out the scene from yesterday’s game above, and the list of other sluggers that run the gamete!

New York Yankees vs. Boston Red Sox (MLB)

Canada vs. Mexico (World Baseball)

Purdue University vs. Indiana University (NCAA)

The Spokane Indians vs. Vancouver Canadians (Minor Leagues)

Briarcrest Christian vs. Houston (High school)

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