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On paper, Cory Booker’s accomplishments seem like something out of a Marvel comic book: Rescuing tenants from their burning home, saving animals and allowing residents affected by Hurricane Sandy to seek refuge in his own house. But in person, he is just a man eager to live up to the generosity and the goodness of his city…a man who also happens to be a serious hip-hop head. 

It’s sometimes hard to grasp the Newark Mayor’s track record as that of someone who would quote Public Enemy in an interview, but that seems to be precisely why the public can’t get enough of him. 

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While on the scene at the Third Annual African American media breakfast hosted by Mr. Booker, GlobalGrind’s Sharon Carpenter sat down with America’s “Super Mayor” to talk about everything from making mistakes on Twitter, to why he disagrees with Snoop Dogg’s recent commentary and believes hip-hop is ready for a gay rapper. 

And of course we had to talk a bit of politics. Booker also discusses running for Senate and weighs in on whether a possible run for presidency is in his future. 

Now, we aren’t saying he is Superman, but what we are saying is that nobody has ever seen Superman and Cory Booker in the same room. 

Check out in the video above.