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Today when an unknown person or organization detonated two homemade bombs near the finish line at the Boston Marathon, injuring 134 and killing three, you may have lost faith in humanity.

PHOTOS: PRAYERS! 2 Bombs Explode At Boston Marathon Finish Line

However, you shouldn’t give up yet.

Among the tragedy, death and sorrow that has marred Patriot Day and the spirit of the Boston Marathon, there is a silver lining.

That line is the goodwill, support, love and humanity that shows up in times of need, and thankfully it did today.

VIDEOS: Heartbreaking Pictures From The Boston Marathon Bombing 

Take a look at some of the more inspiring moments during this tragic event.

Two women embrace moments after the twin bombings at the Boston Marathon.

Carlos Arredondo, who was at the finish line of the 117th Boston Marathon when two explosives detonated, holds up a stained, but intact American flag. He is also known as the “Cowboy Hero,” who rescued a young man whose legs were blown off by the blast. Read his story here

Marathon runners Robert Watling and Kelli Johnston wed in the Boston Common just three hours after the initial blast. The couple, who have a long history of running together, have been planning this post-marathon wedding ever since Watling proposed to Johnston after they both completed the Chicago Marathon back in October.

In a sign of unity and solidarity, the flag is lowered to half-mast in Washington D.C. at the Capitol.

Police officers patrolling the marathon were the first heroes to respond. Their vigilance no doubt saved many lives. In this now iconic picture, 78-year-old Bill Iffrig falls to the ground from the shockwaves of the bomb. Police later helped him up and he finished the race second in his division. Javier Pagan, far right, was one of those cops. He is a part of the Boston Police Department’s GLBT liaison and his married to an NYPD cop who was one of the first responders during the 9/11 attacks. How much do we love this couple! 

Former Patriots guard Joe Andruzzi was at the Boston marathon and helped carry a woman to safety.

An unidentified Boston resident gives marathon runners orange juice just moments after they run to safety.

One person who was on the scene captured this tender moment when a couple was reunited after the chaos from the blast.

The Brooklyn Academy of Music supports Boston.

Tweeted from @In NYC our thoughts are with tonight. Our hopes are for .  

Tweeted from marathon runner @I always wear medal after race. This black band is to honor those killed and injured today.  

A runner places her medal on makeshift memorial near blast site via @   

Therapy dogs offer comfort after the Boston Marathon bombings.

The front page of sports in the Chicago Tribune.

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