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Jamie Foxx’s daughter is totally winning at life. Corinne Bishop, 19, turned heads last night as she stepped onto the red carpet at the MTV Movie Awards with her dad, but note, Corinne has been a staple on major red carpets since she was a kid.

Jamie, who usually keeps his private life, well, private, has been known to take his adorable daughter as his date to everything from the Grammys to the Oscars for the past decade or so, which has made for some fabulous photo ops.

But really though, can you blame him? If our offspring looked like that, we’d want to show them off too. Corinne looks perfect now, but she didn’t always look like this [RIP to those awkward teen years.]

Let’s take a look back…

We first saw little Corinne on the red carpet with her dad at the 2005 Academy Awards [the year he won Best Actor for Ray – she was just 10 years old]:

I like this action shot better…

But this is really the cutest one…

Anyway, moving on: 2005 Kids Choice Awards

2006’s premiere of Dreamgirls

2007 Grammys

Let’s take a closer look

2009 Grammys [we’re getting there]

Present day…

2013 Golden Globes After Party [these past four years have been VERY good to her]

2013 NAACP Image Awards

I imagine Jamie’s telling the photogs not to stare too hard at his daughter

2013 Academy Awards

Picture perfect

Last night…

Don’t hurt ’em

She even tweeted a few after party pics…

Seth Rogen knows…

And I’ll leave you with this one: Jamie Foxx giving the duckface during this year’s Oscars Vanity Fair After Party