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It’s safe to say that Pharrell Williams’ musical ability knows no bounds.

Oddly enough, his musical interest was parallel with Daft Punk’s during the recording of their fourth studio album Random Access Memories.

VIDEO: Daft Punk Takes Us Behind The Scenes Of Their Album With The “Collaborators Project”

We got a brief preview of “Get Lucky,” Pharrell’s collaboration with the Daft robots during SNL this past weekend. And while Pharrell blames jet lag and a holistic pill that the guys gave him for not being able to totally remember the recording session, at the time he recalls that Nile Rodgers played an integral part in what eventually got recorded.

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In the latest installment of VICE’s The Collaborators Project, Pharrell describes the music as being as alive as the air is. He goes on to say that the music is so incredibly vivid, there’s no need for MDMA to enjoy it – someone should definitely let Rick Ross know. 

Listen to Pharrell discuss his experience with Daft Punk and the recording of Random Access Memories, but for the preview clip of “Get Lucky,” look no further than the video below.