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The Boston Marathon has released a statement via Facebook:

The Boston Athletic Association (B.A.A.) extends its deepest sympathies to all those who were affected by Monday’s tragic events. Those who lost their lives and were injured are in our thoughts and prayers.
It is a sad day for the City of Boston, for the running community, and for all those who were here to enjoy the 117th running of the Boston Marathon. What was intended to be a day of joy and celebration quickly became a day in which running a marathon was of little importance.
We want to express our deepest gratitude to all of the B.A.A. medical personnel and volunteers and the City of Boston’s first responders who reacted so courageously to help save lives. Special thanks to the loyal Boston Marathon community – over 8500 volunteers, 1000 medical personnel, the organizing committee, and hundreds of thousands along the race route – who make the experience what it is for all our runners, who are hurting today.

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The day was perfect. The weather, a little chilly but great for the runners. Spirits were high. Boston residents celebrated the day, taking off work, closing schools, all in honor of the race and the Patriots holiday.

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But all of that was marred in a matter of seconds. As weary runners raced their way to the bright yellow “Finish” sign that signaled that their journey was complete, two bombs, only seconds apart, detonated on the sidelines. Runners dropped to their knees. Glass from storefronts was strewn across the black top. And, however graphic, it was hard to ignore the bright red blood that pooled where people once stood.

In the beginning, details were murky. And less than 24 hours later, the facts still aren’t concrete.

There are, however, facts that will hopefully lead investigators to the unknown organization or individual who planned the attack.

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Here is what we know.

The Bombings

Around 2:50 PM EST a bomb detonated near the finish line at the Boston Marathon. About 10 seconds later, another bomb exploded just 100 yards down the street in Boston’s Copley Square. Bomb experts and investigators suggested that the bombs might have been small IED’s (homemade).

The explosives were in 6-liter pressure cookers and placed in black duffel bags. An unidentified source close to the investigation says the explosives were placed on the ground and contained shards of metal, nails and ball bearings for maximum destruction. 

Former FBI counterterrorism investigator Mark Rossini speculates that the Boston explosives were not planted in advance, but carried to the finish line right before the blasts. He said a bomber, masquerading as a supporter bringing food or water to a friend or loved one in the race, could easily have fooled bystanders or law enforcement officers. The origin of the bombs is still being investigated.

The Victims

First reports said that only 20-30 people had been injured, but as the day went on, it was revealed that 183 people were injured, 17 of those critically, and three people had died. One of those was an 8-year-old boy named Martin Richard. He was killed as he waited for his father, a marathon runner, to cross the finish line. Another victim, Krystle Campbell, was killed waiting for her boyfriend to cross the finish line. A third victim, whose name has not been released, is a student at Boston University. The Chinese Consulate confirmed that the victim was a female Chinese citizen.

Pete J. Fagenholz, MD from Massachusetts General Hospital, confirmed that he had operated on six patients so far and that 10 patients would or did require amputations. Most injuries were confined to the lower extremities, including bone, tissue and vascular wounds.

As of this evening, 89 of the 183 injured have been released from hospitals.

The Newtown Connection:

A group of parents from Newtown, Conn. ran in the marathon in memory of the 26 people killed in the mass shooting there in December. The 26th mile in the race was also dedicated to those who lost their lives in the massacre.

Laura Nowacki (far right) says “We’re all parents. We’re Sandy Hook parents. We’re also runners and we are here to run 26 miles for 26 lives.” The Newtown VIP’s were not hurt in the blasts.

The Initial Security Response:

Immediately after the blasts, runners were stopped before they reached the finish line and the race was rerouted and canceled. Evacuation attempts proved chaotic, but eventually first responders and law enforcement officers were able to close Copley Square, as well as exit ramps from major highways in the area.

The Federal Aviation Administration restricted air flight over the Boston area and the Boston Police Department called in all off-duty officers. Other cities, including New York City, Washington D.C., and Los Angeles, beefed up security in response to the bombings. Even the White House expanded its security perimeter.

The Government Response:

President Barack Obama addressed the nation three hours after the initial blasts. Although he did not explicitly call the attacks “terrorism,” a White House official confirmed that they are treating it as such. Watch what he has to say below:

The Investigation/What’s Next:

Governor Deval Patrick and the ATF confirmed that there were only two explosive devises, despite reports yesterday that investigators found more than that. The Boston Police Department also called the crime scene the most “complex crime scene we have dealt with in the history of the department.” The crime scene, which was 15 blocks long, has now been confined to 12 blocks.

While no arrests have been made, the FBI has taken charge of the investigation. On Monday night, they served a warrant on an apartment complex in Revere, but they left shortly after. The FBI is also urging anyone with cell phones, cameras, or other electronic devices that captured images or audio to come forward. 

Our deepest condolences to those families who have lost a loved one, and our prayers are with Boston at this time.