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Drake knows girls love Beyonce, but we’re sure he’s also aware that they love him, too.

There aren’t many rappers/singers/actors out there like him. Can you think of any? I can’t. The ladies love him and the fellas (don’t deny it) wouldn’t mind being in his shoes. He’s got an endless supply of pretty much anything and everything. Plus he’s Canadian.

So let’s just cut straight to the point. Here are some of the reasons why girls love Drake…

Well, he looks good.

He’s sensitive [RIP Bubby]

Half Jewish (or maybe that’s just me?)

But also half Black, YES!

Drake love the kids 

And the kids love him back

He comes from humble beginnings [he started from the bottom, right?]

He loves his mom

and his Dad

He was suchhh a cute kid

He can rap…

and sing too…

but he still gets respect from [most] rappers – sorry, Luda

He’s a fan of the forehead kiss

and he knows how important it is to surprise a girl on her birthday

He hates sleeping alone [and girls do too…sleepover?]

He’s got style

Well, sometimes

He’s deep [pause]

And this.

OK, Drake. We love you.