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Now, this is what we call a music video. 

Fresh off their MTV Movie Awards performance, Seattle rapper Macklemore and his DJing homie Ryan Lewis release the visuals for their second big smash “Can’t Hold Us.”

From the vast terrain of New Zealand to the beautiful vistas of Cali, Macklemore and his closest friends live it up with no boundaries. 

The Ryan Lewis-directed video also features some cool visuals of Macklemore dog sledding through the Artic, as well as partying on a pirate ship in the Pacific. 

After their breakout hit “Thrift Shop” scored double platinum accolades, the rapper/DJ duo continue to push their second smash “Can’t Hold Us.” 

“Can’t Hold Us” is off Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’ 2012 album The Heist

Watch Macklemore’s new video up top!

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