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Today, when President Barack Obama started preaching to the choir about his deep love for the city of Boston, he wasn’t just blowing smoke. 

Seriously, this dude LOVES him some Boston!

During the interfaith service at the Cathedral of Holy Cross to honor the victims of the Boston Marathon Bombing, the President was unapologetic about letting Bostonians know how he felt…(sorry Chicago).

First of all, the Harvard Law graduate spit some deep poetry:

“It was a beautiful day to be in Boston, a day that explains why a poet once wrote that this town is not just a capital, not just a place. Boston, he said, is the perfect state of grace.”

Then, he said what we all were thinking anyway.

“I’m here today on behalf of the American people with a simple message. Every one of us has been touched by this attack on your beloved city. Every one of us stands with you. Because, after all, it’s our beloved city, too. Boston may be your hometown but we claim it, too. It’s one of America’s iconic cities. It’s one of the world’s great cities. And one of the reason(s), the world knows Boston so well is that Boston opens its heart to the world.”

Fenway, Red Sox, the Boston Marathon, the universities, Bruins, New Kids on the Block, anything called a “chowda,” Good Will Hunting…I mean who doesn’t love Boston!

But just in case you weren’t really sure where President Obama’s allegiance lies, take a look at the ways that he loves this city so!

He cries for Boston…

He reps politicians who graduated from MIT…

He likes to shower former Celtics players and coaches with medals and jewelry (Bill Russell played center from 1956-1969).

He blessed Harvard University with his presence…

When he has time, he kicks it with the Bruins. And wears his special jersey.

Boston is his favorite place to get his model on…

…a little dip in the hip, that’s the way to do it…

He loves the camera…

…and the camera loves him.

He always supports Boston politicians, like Martha Mary Coakley. Well…he almost supports all Boston politicians.

And lastly, he’s not afraid to just be himself in Boston. ‘Fro is looking extra nice there Barry!


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