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Ladies, prepare yourself. Pharrell and his charming ways have hit the stage to perform “Get Lucky” for the very first time!

Opening his set the swooning word “go on and touch it girl,” the producer/artist/genius got the crowd fired up.

VIDEO: Pharrell WIlliams Describes His “Random Access Memory” Of Recording Daft Punk’s Latest Album

Fresh off the song’s official debut, Mr. N.E.R.D performed his collaboration with Daft Punk not once, not twice but three times, during the HTC One launch at Brooklyn’s House of Vans on Friday night and if the song didn’t win you over before it will now.

Of Daft Punk, Pharrell recently said:

Man these guys that made this record, they’re like so far beyond their time. I’m honored to know those guys, those robots. We just have a lot of incredible history together. So when they called me over the summer, I just remembered thinking one thing…Try to get lucky, right?”

VIDEO: Daft Punk Takes Us Behind The Scenes Of Their Album With The “Collaborators Project”

The track is the first single off of Daft Punk’s upcoming album Random Access Memories, which due out May 21.

Check out Pharrell working his magic in the video above!