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When you’re an anchor, one must always assume the mics are on!

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Anchorman A.J. Clemente was fired on his first day of work for saying “f**ing sh**” seconds into his telecast. 

According to KFYR-TV, Clemente did not know his microphone was on and he was practicing, when the profanity slipped out. Despite the incident being accidental, the network fired Clemente, stating there was “no excuse” for his language. 

Initially, Clemente was suspended and vented via Twitter about his rookie mistake.

Once he was fired, Clemente Tweeted:

“I am a free agent. Can’t help but laugh at myself and stay positive.”

In the recording, Clemente was also heard saying the word “gay,” but in actuality he was trying to pronounce the name of London Marathon winner Tsegaye Kebede. Clemente has been using Twitter to explain his side of the story, but is still being taunted by fellow tweeters.

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Damn, Clemente. First impressions are important, but was the network too harsh on him?

SOURCE: Gawker