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What’s the first thing you think of when you think about ice cream?

For most people it isn’t gold or a dress, but when Zac Posen was tapped by Magnum Ice Cream to design a dress based on their new bar, that was easily his first thought.

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The $1.5 million couture creation was no small feat, as you would expect from a dress made of 24K gold leaf. Each piece was hand sewn with model Caroline Correa’s body in mind for her to wear at the premiere of Magnum’s short film, As Good As Gold, during the Tribeca Film Festival.

Online magazine Stylite got a chance to catch up with Zac to discuss how the 24 karat creation came together.

Check it out! 

Oh how he got involved with the project:

Magnum came to me and they said they were launching a new ice cream bar called Magnum Gold, so that’s how it started. And then an ice cream bar appeared on my desk. They wanted a dress inspired by Magnum Gold, and I love food, I love desserts, and I wanted to try to interpret the experience of eating the ice cream.

On making the dress:

We started wanting to work with paillettes and sequining because I thought it would work better on camera, with the liquid quality echoing the drippiness of melting ice cream and the texture of molten gold. So we started to create 24 karat gold paillettes — not, obviously, out of solid gold since it would be way too heavy to wear — but we used very thin sheets of 24 karat gold leaf, which we then laid on the paillettes. And we hand cut all of the different scales, trying to go from a larger scale, which you can see at the bottom, up into different scales that highlighted the body.

On putting the dress together perfectly for Caroline Correa:

It was about a month to just sew all the sequins on, and then we had the couture fittings and re-placing them, so the whole thing took about two months. Plus, I’m a perfectionist so once we had the fittings with Caroline, we started tweaking and fixing things to highlight her body.

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Check out the Magnum short film starring Caroline Correa, True Blood’s Joe Manganiello, Zac Posen and his 24K gold dress by pressing play on the video below.  For Zac’s full interview with Styleite, click here.