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Crossing realms from being staples of the New York City fashion scene, Ricky and Dee have joined imaginative forces once again to form yet another exhilarating collaborative venture known as R.A.D.D.

The Ricky and Dee development is a forward thinking approach that tactfully employs marketing, music, fashion, creative and video direction for creatives seeking a portal to deliver their innovative message to a large range of tastemakers, professionals, movers, shakers and money makers. 

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With the aforementioned in mind, we would like to introduce to you the premiere project from R.A.D.D, ENTREPRENEGROs. ENTREPRENEGROs. is a mixtape designed and hosted by designers Dee and Ricky with music featuring fellow Staten Island natives and music artists Bobby Basquiat and Swinton aka ‘ALLAH negro.’

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The 16 track compilation is just a small insight of what R.A.D.D. has to offer, with innovative word play laced over ultramodern beats by HVLO’s Slimmy Neutron and Razcal Life. ENTREPRENEGROs is the first of many projects from R.A.D.D. and serves as an archetype of the well curated, pioneering content to come.

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