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You never know where you’ll find your next source of inspiration.

This summer, Perrier will pay tribute to Andy Warhol by releasing a series of limited-edition bottles inspired by the legendary artist.

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Artists working on bottles for different companies is nothing new. KAWS, Futura, Andre Saraiva and even Warhol have previously worked with companies on alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks alike. And many people might not realize this is not the first time Perrier has joined forces with Andy Warhol. In the ’80s, Warhol created a series of screen prints of Perrier bottles in a vibrant color palette. Those prints will now be replicated on the labels and packaging of Perrier bottles available wherever the sparkling mineral water is sold.

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You can get a closer look at the bottles and packaging from the upcoming Andy Warhol collection with Perrier by scrolling down. 

Andy Warhol x Perrier packaging

Andy Warhol x Perrier bottles