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Damn, Scarface is airing the music industry out. 

Legendary rapper Scarface sat down in an extremely candid interview with Hardknock TV, where he discussed the state of hip-hop, Tupac, and how he thinks hip-hop is wack because of “old white executives.” 

When asked about his opinion of the state of hip-hop, Scarface responded: 

“I feel like we losing it. I feel like the people that are in control of what hip-hop does are so f*cking white and so f*cking jewish, and they dont give a fuck about the culture and the craft…let me say this shit right, cause I want to make sure this is as offensive as I can f*cking make it…these old ass punks running the record labels in powerful positions to dictate what the black community hears and listens to. I fucking hate that shit that pisses me off. There’s no fucking way there’s not a conspiracy against blacks in hip-hop.”

Scarface also used rock music as an example of how black culture is being stolen, and urged the youth to educate themselves on rock and roll pioneer Chuck Berry, who wasn’t credited for his role and influence in rock and roll. 

Scarface then goes on to recount his fondest memories about his late great friend Tupac Shakur, and he also bigs up Compton rapper Kendrick Lamar.  

If you’re a fan of Scarface, you should know that he’s never been quiet about hip-hop or the artists within the industry.

What are you thoughts on Scarface’s opinon of the music industry? 

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