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Lauren London is back, everyone!

After landing a leading role on BET’s hit show, “The Game,” it seems there’s nowhere for her to go but up. 

She appeared on the cover of the May issue of JET Magazine and got personal the interview. 28-year-old Lauren discussed co-parenting with her ex Lil’ Wayne, how she balances her career and being a mom and why she’s tired of being asked about her relationship with Lil’ Wayne‘s other baby mamas!

Though she and Wayne are estranged, London maintains that she and her son have a good relationship with his siblings and their mothers.

“People like to make it into this big thing, but it’s really not. There’s peace and love and my son knows his siblings. We all get along. We all clearly keep getting along. I’m tired of talking a bout it. What else do you want me to say?”

Lauren also cleared the air of all rumors surrounding her personal life and let it be known that she would never compromise herself or her son for fame. Respect!

“I’m very blunt and honest. I have a very loyal heart. If I love you, I ride for you if I don’t f–k with you, I don’t f–k with you…if you want the truth, call me,” she said.

It sounds like Lauren is doing just fine in the parenting department and we’re so proud of her many accomplishments. You go, girl!

Source: YBF