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Hip hop hooray!

The days of worrying about whether he will get a chance to play in the NFL are over for Manti Te’o, as he’s just been drafted to the San Diego Chargers.

The former Notre Dame football star, who made headlines this year for getting catfished by a fake online girlfriend, was the sixth pick by the major league team in the second round of the draft.

According to the Huffington Post, some officials were shocked to see Manti drop into the second round, but fortunately, the Chargers weren’t so intimidated by his personal past.

The site reports:

Te’o dropped into the second round for a number of reasons, including being tricked into a relationship with a girl that didn’t exist, struggling in the national championship game against Alabama and its offense full of future NFL draft picks, and some slow offseason workouts.

Two officials, each with a different team, said their clubs passed on Te’o in the first round partly because of his off-field issues. The men, speaking on condition of anonymity because team draft strategy is confidential, said the decision was not just because of a disappointing combine performance or the linebacker’s poor performance in the national title game.

We’re happy to see Manti picked for a team and ready to play in the big leagues!