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If Lil Wayne thought Emmett Till’s family was going to go away quietly, he’s sadly mistaken. 

Back in February, Lil Wayne found himself immersed in controversy when his remixed version of rapper Future’s “Karate Chop” was released and the lyric “beat the p*ssy up like Emmett Till” was outed. 

Despite the public outcry, Lil Wayne remained silent about the lyric, but after Rick Ross’ controversial “U.O.E.N.O.” date rape lyric got him dropped from sneaker company Reebok, Emmett Till’s family is going after Weezy’s sponsors, mainly Mountain Dew. 

The family exclusively spoke with, who revealed: 

Since the rapper has not apologized, the Till family have told exclusively that they intend to pressure Lil Wayne’s sponsors, namely Mountain Dew.

Shortly, the Till Family are expected to make offensive moves forward to further address Wayne and Mountain Dew, a product of PepsiCo. A similar tactic by women’s group UltraViolet resulted in Reebok dropping Rick Ross from their campaign.

It seems like Emmett Till’s family just wants an apology from Weezy, but unfortunately, they may never see one. 

What do you think about Emmett Till’s family petitioning Lil Wayne’s sponsors to drop him? 

Share your thoughts down under. 

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