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Aside from her love life or her hit music-making skills, Rihanna is definitely a name most of us associate with partying and getting turnt up wherever she goes.

While fans would kill for the chance to pop a bottle with the Bajan beauty, some aren’t too happy with her rock star lifestyle.

Chris Brown just released a track that he wrote about a girl who is “in love with a bottle,” and many speculate that it could be about RiRi.

Based on her track record, it doesn’t seem too far off, since Rihanna is not only a fan of smoking, but also getting her drank on.

Whether she’s in the club dancing up a storm, or even out in the middle of the ocean, Ri doesn’t usually pass on a chance to sip on something strong.

We’ve compiled some photos that prove Rihanna is in love with the bottle, so check them out below!

Chug, chug!

Oh, you fancy huh, RiRi?

Take it to the head girl!

Alcohol can’t make every problem disappear…

Moments like this have to be the reason Rihanna recorded “Pour It Up.”

You don’t always have to act your age, Rihanna…

A hotel room full of liquor and a naked Rihanna? Priceless.

Gotta keep it classy. Always.

Looks like someone needs to be poured another glass!

Sippin’ on gin and juice.

Living that champagne life.

Put your drinks up!

“Yes, Chris. I AM going to finish this.”

Rihanna can’t hear Cassie’s hairstyle advice through the sound of her liquor sipping.

Rihanna could even be a pro at drinking in her sleep.

Don’t fight the feeling…or the liquor taste in your mouth.

Ain’t no party like a RiRi party!

Cheers to our favorite Bajan beauty.

Beautiful view, beautiful weather, and a beautiful girl…you don’t need alcohol to love that.

Rihanna is like a fish out of liquor…

Keep your drinks in the air if you just don’t care.

Booty booty booty rockin’ everywhere!

Hmm, maybe Rihanna isn’t ready for another one just yet…

Step away from the bottle Robyn.

Someone’s a little tipsy…

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