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What happened to the good ‘ol days when group dancing meant the “Electric Slide?”

Long gone apparently. When a group of students from Scripps Ranch High School in the San Diego area decided to get together to do a little twerkin’ in unison, things went terribly wrong.

Thirty-two (yes, 32), students were suspended and banned from prom or graduation ceremonies after the clip, shot by one student with a SCHOOL CAMERA (wtf), was found on YouTube.

And…get this…all 32 students skipped sixth period class to make sure they all twerked at the same time.

One Scripps Ranch HS student posted an update via Twitter, “Suspended, banned from prom, and prevented from walking at graduation all because of an awesome twerk video. I don’t understand.”


Really dude? You just…you can’t understand? LAWD help our youth!