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Earlier today Instagram went into a short frenzy when Rihanna posted a picture of a girl next to a billy goat accompanied with a harsh comment. At first I didn’t know exactly what was happening, but I knew that there had to be a backstory. What did this random girl, (who I’ll refer to as “home girl”) do to piss off the Bajan native?

I have to throw in that she is Bajan because my family is from Barbados as well, and I totally know how my people move.. Very sweet, spiritual and nurturing women, but what you don’t want to do is talk badly about the people we love. For all hell might break loose! Thankfully, in my most recent years,  I’ve learned how to deal with ignorant comments, mean people and naysayers. It’s given me a tough skin and a unique GTFOH mentality.

In this specific instance the woman that sparked a flame in Rihanna’s island blood did so by making disgraceful comments about her family members, saying “I swear everyone in Rhianna family looks like their retarded…” Etc. This comment was so unecessary, hurtful and untrue.

Now as much as I would have loved Rihanna to ignore this disrespectful remark, I totally feel her frustration. People on the outside think that celebrities aren’t human, that they have no real feelings, and they are not allowed to spazz out every so often. Well, from my past 15 years of being behind the scenes with “celebs” I can tell you that’s an amazingly false concept!

Celebs are as normal and as sensitive as they come. The only difference is that they get criticized a lot more, and they live under a microscope. I guess it comes with the fame, but it’s a fact that we all make mistakes. We should learn from their mistakes and stop treating them like they aren’t capable of making them.

However, respect is a given! They are human beings, and they always deserve to be respected.


Let’s quickly touch on what the most important lesson of all this; BULLYING. Bullying leads to depression and sometimes suicide. Who knows what type of personal issues “home girl” has? Whatever they are, she used Instagram as her outlet to unload it onto Rihanna’s family. She did indeed demonstrate a form of internet bullying towards Rihanna, and now she’s dealing with the repercussions which is in turn a higher form of human deformation, embarrassment and more bullying. At the end of the day, this entire situation sets us back as humans and women.  

I feel two completely different ways about this situation and I am a bit torn. Check below for my opinion and be sure to leave a comment and tell us how you feel.

Why Ms. Fenty  Had To React:                                                                                      

I understand Rihanna’s reaction. You can’t talk badly about someone’s family and not expect a backlash. Obviously what Rihanna said was mean but what “home girl” said was more mean! Celebrities do get fed up of random S#*t talking from people. Who wouldn’t?

Why I Wish Rihanna Didn’t Respond:

“Home girl” is now getting what she potentially wanted. Thousands of new followers, media exposure and more negative comments to fuel her other self destructive desires. This woman needs therapy and mental help. She needs a new form of emotional release and maybe a break away from social media.

 At the end of it all, nobody won! This is a lose-lose situation and a demonstration of humanity at it’s worst. “Home girl” had no business saying those things to Rihanna in the first place. Next time I hope that Ri Ri brushes it off her pretty shoulders and proceeds to the studio to create a hit song about the world needing more love, e.g. Marvin Gaye “What’s Going On.”

Live life responsibly. R.I.P Internet Bullies

by Mashonda Tifrere

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