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Looks like Drake’s dad, Dennis Graham, spilled the beans on his son’s forthcoming new album Nothing Was The Same

Much to our surprise, Drake’s dad actually has an Instagram page. An Instagram page that’s kind of creepy, but that’s neither here nor there. 

While conversing with his son’s fans on Instagram, he was asked when Drake would drop his highly anticipated album Nothing Was The Same

Daddy Graham’s response? August 27. 

The good people at FistsInTheAir caught a screenshot of Drake’s dad spilling the beans: 

Drake has been in the studio a lot, and August 27 is a Tuesday. It’s not so far-fetched that August 27 is the release date for Nothing Was The Same

Obviously, this date isn’t set in stone, because as we all know, albums get delayed more than furloughed flights. 

Do you believe Daddy Graham? 

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