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It’s been scientifically proven that women prefer men with facial hair, but I don’t need science to tell me that.

I just need my eyes.

Esquire got their hands on a new study published by the journal Evolution and Human Behavior, which reports that women find men with “heavy stubble” most attractive. Fully bearded men, lightly stubbled men, and clean-shaven men were all found to be about equally attractive to one another among women. [Random fact: full beards were rated highest for perceived parenting ability and healthiness.]

It was only three years ago that Schick’s Skin-dex Survey declared that clean shaven men have sex about twice as much as those who don’t, and that 64 percent of women would rather sleep with a cleanly shaven man. I assume this was a bullshit study, no offense. Stubble is sooo sexy.

So, here are 14 reasons [men] that women love dudes with facial hair. You’re welcome, ladies…

Well, this one is obvious.

And so is this one [how could Rihanna let this one go?]

Drizzy knows.

Channing Tatum is the sexiest man in the world, so he definitely knows.

Chrissy Teigen knows 🙂

Chris Hemsworth and his scruff are all that’s right with the world.

Reggie and his beautiful view know.

Miranda Kerr definitely knows.

My future husband, Cordaralle Patterson, knows [the hair/facial hair combo is immaculate].

Idris knows…so nice we had to show you twice.

And Jesse Williams deserves to be seen 3x.

Zac Efron and his flawless eyes and hair knows.

YES to everything about this.

Yup, James Harden knows.

So let’s be clear, no more clean shaves. It’s all about the scruff, people!