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After a long successful life as the founder of Italian fashion house Missoni, Ottavio Missoni has passed away at the age of 92.

Missoni was released May 1 from a hospital in Varese after being treated for a respiratory problem, however his family is reporting that he died “peacefully” in his home in Sumirago, Italy.

This is the second tragedy the Missoni family has been stricken with this year. Back in January, the Missoni family was apprehensive about telling Ottavio that his son Vittorio Missoni‘s plane went missing off the coast of Venezuela.

The Missoni company is now run by Ottavio Missoni’s younger son Luca Missoni and his sister Angela.

At the age of 92, with such a long and impressive legacy behind him, Ottavio Missoni will truly be missed by his personal family and the fashion community alike.