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A Big Tymers reunion without Mannie Fresh is not a Big Tymers reunion. 

Cash Money founder/CEO Birdman announced during an interview with MTV Rapfix that he was planning to reunite the former Cash Money group Big Tymers. 

As hip-hop fans cheered, Birdman dropped a bomb and revealed that Mannie Fresh wouldn’t be a part of the reunion. Instead, Birdman would replace the rapper/producer with Drake and Lil Wayne

News flash Birdman, that’s not a Big Tymers reunion! 

Upset about Mannie’s replacement, GlobalGrind decided to round up 16 reasons why the Big Tymers can’t have a reunion without Mannie Fresh. 

Check out all the reasons why the Big Tymers can’t reunite without Mannie Fresh below!

1. Because without Mannie Fresh on the beats, I won’t be able to dance like this…

2. Or this…

3. We won’t be able to see Mannie and Baby wear matching outfits like this…

4. …This….

5. And this. 

6. No more matching outfits also means no more matching houses either. 

7. Birdman won’t be able to say ridiculous things like “Fresh….wait hold up, that’s that bitch….we f*cked.”

8. We won’t be able to see where Manny currently “lays at” or…

9. Meet his pet rat named “thug love.” 

10. Who else is going to drive the old school caddy with the diamond in the back? 

11. Or who is going to ride around in a golf cart and put…

12. rims on it. 

13. Let’s not forget, without Mannie, Birdman wouldn’t be able to get his roll on. 

14. Besides Mannie, what other YMCMB rapper would leave the tag on the Bentley just to show the price? 

15. And who would share the spotlight on this ridiculous single cover with Birdman? 

16. Basically, the Big Tymers grew up together, and we don’t want to see a reunion without Mannie. 

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