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The Great Gatsby opens in theaters today. I’ve seen it twice already because it’s just that good. 

The movie stars Leonardo DiCaprio, Tobey Maquire, and Carey Mulligan. Based on the book, this 3-D saga is highly entertaining, while the story is set Long Island circa 1922 on a bay that separates the old money types from the new money types there is something that sticks out.

Jay-Z music is blasting from every corner of this movie

Hova leads to orgy when Tom Buchanan kicks it with his mistress in his secret apartment
Shawn Carter again set the mood for black oplulence when a group of blacks are chauffeured in their car while popping bottles of Moet. 

Then, Hova pens another personal joint 100$ Bill when Gatsby makes his big play to reveal his secret to Nick Carraway. 

My point is there is, there’s a lot of Jay-Z in this movie.

Sadly a lot of my friends who’ve seen the movie don’t like Hova’s contribution. Some said it felt out of place, me on the other hand, I loved it. 

I got hype when Hova’s Who Gon’ Stop me blaired during the movie. Sure the characters of Gatsby don’t fit the traditional types of people who would Watch The Throne, but that’s what makes it beautiful. That’s what makes Baz Luhrmann’s Gatsby a work of art. 

Baz told MTV:

“He totally nailed that the book was aspirational. That the book was really about, if you’ve got a cause, you can move towards a green light. That you don’t reach it isn’t the point; that you aspire is.”

Luhrmann goes on to explain how he encouraged Jay-Z to capture the 20s jazz vibe of the movie, saying: “I showed [Jay-Z] my little video of how we had to find a way of making the jazz, blend it between hip-hop and all kinds of music.

“And I was about halfway through it, and Jay [seemed really into it]. And I said, ‘Maybe you’d be interested?’ And he looked up like, ‘What are you talking about interested? We’ve got to do this!’”

So a soundtrack and a bunch of Jay tunes in the movie. I say it works. So when you see this film expect a lot of Leo, a lot of Tobey, a lof of luxury and a whole love of Jay-Z.

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