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It’s the end of an era.

While we’ve already said a painful goodbye to one of the best bosses that television has ever seen, Michael Scott, it’s now time to say our farewells to the Dunder Mifflin staff this Thursday. 

Over the years, it’s been a good run filled with plenty of adorable romances, near-genius pranks, and lessons we didn’t necessarily need to be taught.

Whether we were anticipating Jim and Pam’s relationship, watching Dwight fight to the [near] death for the manager position, or waiting for Toby to finally stick it to Michael, the show brought us some of the best 10 TV years of our lives.

Even though the jokes caught our attention, some of the songs and dances throughout the show only added to the recipe. 

Even Jim and Pam couldn’t leave out a full routine for their own big wedding day!

Check out some of the best song and dance moments from The Office below…

Jim and Pam have a Chris Brown theme as they walk down the aisle.

Jan was certainly…off kilter…and this dinner party episode took it to the next level.

Michael Scott just wanted to have a place where he could unwind from his stress from being the “World’s Best Boss,” so he created Cafe Disco.

How do you cure Pam of her contractions? Andy’s dance evolution! But shh! Keep quiet!

Michael loved to show off his, er, “creativity,” and it was definitely on display when he made his own ad for Dunder Mifflin.

The staff of Dunder Mifflin makes their own ad theme song for the company. Too bad Michael hates it.

Michael Scott IS the Boss of Dancing!

Who wouldn’t want their own goodbye song from Michael Scott? Oh, that’s right…Toby Flenderson…

This is probably the greatest goodbye Michael Scott could ever dream of.

In this deleted scene, Erin and Kelly do their own music video!

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