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George Zimmerman’s trial is just a month away and today, evidence that could prove Trayvon Martin was defending himself has been released to the public.

A state voice expert has concluded that Martin’s voice was heard yelling “stop” just before Zimmerman pulled the trigger in the shooting that killed the 17-year-old last February. A second group of experts say that screams from both Martin and Zimmerman can be heard as well.

Alan R. Reich, a forensic acoustics consultant, studied the 911 call made by a witness and identified one of the voices as Zimmerman.

“The other male speaker was identified tentatively as Trayvon Martin from the audio track of a digital file present on Mr. Martin’s cell phone. His voice is younger and he generates much of what observers have called screams,” the report says.

Initially, experts believed that Martin yelled “help,” but Reich’s report said the word appears to be “stop.”

Reich goes on to say that the frequency of the voice is appropriate for a 17-year-old and not an adult male, and Reich has concluded “tentatively” that the scream heard before the gunshot came from Martin.

Wow! We’ll keep you updated on the latest as we countdown to Zimmerman’s trial.