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After dropping three critically acclaimed songs — “Pray,” “Nolita” and “ANIGMA” — Philadelphia-based rapper Gilbere Forte has finally blessed the world with his new project, which is called PRAY.

Even though he’s already done songs with heavy hitters like Miguel, Gilbere keeps things pretty in-house and low-key: each track was produced by RAAK. As for guest appearances, there’s only three: Active Child, Nylo, and De Carlo.

Here is what’s written about PRAY on Gilbere’s SoundCloud:

“PRAY is the 3rd official release from Gilbere Forte. This body of work chronicles the trials, tribulations, emotions, and enlightenment Gilbere has experienced over the last year and a half. Marking his growth as a man, and as an artist. This project is also the final chapter to his trilogy that includes 87 Dreams + Eyes Of Veritas.”

Gilbere is signed to Epic Records and we’re telling you, man, this kid is live.

Stream the whole tape below and if you’re diggin’ it, give it a download at Gilbere’s official site.   

SOURCES: GilbereForte, SoundCloud