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This past Tuesday night was a big night for Swizz Beatz and the Bronx Charter School for the Arts. But for some of the super producer’s friends, it was an evening of being put on the spot!

The school held their annual art auction with Melanie Fiona on deck for a brief performance and a DJ session from Swizzy that hyped up the crowd, but then things took a funny turn.

After an exciting live auction, Swizzy wasn’t yet satisfied with the amount of money raised and decided to take an impromptu run through his iPhone contacts.

From Diddy to Rick Ross and more, the phone rang and rang to voicemail. Swizz said:

“It’s a difference when you got a hit song out, first ring pick up, then when you have no hit song out, it rings a little longer.”

He also joked that Rozay wouldn’t pick up, hinting at Ross’ latest Reebok drama.

But then he landed on Birdman and things started to look up when the Cash Money man answered! As Swizz made his request, Baby responded:

“Guess what? Anything for you homie, no problem.”

As for the donation amount? Birdman said:

“You tell me what’s good? $10,000, $20,000, $50,000, whatever works for you.”

Oh, OK! Balling for a cause is always a karma win. 

With all these efforts, the Bronx Charter school raised over $200,000 in total. Go Swizzy! Watch him give all his rich friends a ring in the video below…

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