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The NBA is definitely the talk of the town this week.

Going into the playoffs, OKC was seen as one of the favorites, but yesterday they got bumped with the help of the Memphis Grizzlies’ Zach Randolph.

As much as we’ll miss baller Kevin Durantand all of those fine Chicago Bulls, we have to big up the players who are moving on to the next round. 

So just for celebration purposes, here are 10 NBA ballers who are still in the playoffs, and DON’T have any tattoos. We know they’re few and far between. 

As you’ll see in these ink-less pictures, the action is too much to handle and as a bonus, the boys’ muscular assets are just too much to miss.

Happy Playoffs!

Miami Heat’s Shane Battier struggles for possession of the ball, while showing off his sexy ink-free muscles.

NY Knicks’ Raymond Felton is a beast on the court – we wonder if we’d love him more with a half sleeve?

An ink-free Steve Novak ain’t playing with those Pacers.

Dwyane Wade’s got a clean body of work.

Golden State’s Carl Landry couldn’t care less about a tattoo right now.

Klay Thompson is a sexy piece of something that makes us want to root for those Warriors.

Miami Heat’s Ray Allen shows off his perfect jumpshot and muscular, ink-free arms.

Marc Gasol ain’t got no ink, but he helps get the job done when his team needs him most.

Oh, who’s that? Tony Allen might be one of the sexiest, ink-free NBA players in the game.

Photo Credit: GETTY