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“Gotta do it one time for Haiti, what up Zoe!”

If you’re part of the Haitian diaspora, then you know Saturday, May 18th happens to be Haitian Flag Day!

But that doesn’t necessarily mean that you know what the flag represents.

The red and blue banner with Haiti’s coat of arms in the epicenter, symbolizes the union between black Haitians and mulatto Haitians. The blue represents the black Haitians, whereas the red represents the mulatto Haitians. The flag was created during the country’s revolution against the French.

And while it’s certain that Wyclef Jean – who coincidentally shares my surname, yessir – will be showing some Haitian pride on this day, it’s a bit of a head scratcher, as to what other celebrities will be repping the Carribean country to the fullest.

But unbeknownst to Haitians and everybody else, there are quite a few famous faces who inherently know what “Mwen se ayitien” (Creole) translates into in the English lanuage: “I’m Haitian!”

Like I bet you didn’t know Jason Derulo and Dawn Richard were of Haitian-descent. 

That being said, we at GlobalGrind decided to compile a list of 15 celebs who will be saying “Sak Pase” – which means “What’s Up” – on Haitian Flag Day.

And if you’re wondering, yep I’ll be on my…

ish as well.

Check out my Haitian brothers and sisters down below!

Jason Derulo (R&B singer)

Dawn Richard (R&B singer)

Garcelle Beauvais (Actress)

Jamie Hector (Actor)

Maxwell (R&B singer)

Meta Golding (Actress)

Trina McGee-Davis (Actress)

DJ Whoo Kid & Tony Yayo (Members of G-Unit)

Jackie-O (Rapper)

Andre Berto (Boxer)

Jessica Lucas (Actress)

Trugoy the Dove (Member of De La Soul)

Jonathan Vilma (NFL Linebacker)

Pierre Garcon (NFL Wide Receiver)