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There once was an artist named Kanye West and he smiled all the time…then fame, paparazzi, and Taylor Swift happened.


We’ve noticed that Yeezy has been serving nothing but stone face lately. From red carpets to outings with his baby momma, it’s a very rare occasion when you see the man show off his pearly whites…or should we say shiny grills.

After Ye’s latest rant, it’s clear the man hates the idea of celebrity and all the BS that goes along with it, but we miss the days of smiling Kanye.

So we’d like you to join us on a ride through the father-to-be’s grins and smirks.

Toddler Kanye… aww just wanna pinch those cheeks:

On the come up, ‘Ye was so happy to be working with Mase. Check out those glasses though:

Polo, Jesus piece, earring-rocking Kanye (my personal favorite):

Proud of his momma, Donda West:

From ear to ear:

She may have been the inspiration behind 808s & Heartbreaks, but Alexis kept ‘Ye smiling at one point:

Just one more from the Alexis era… she was really my fave Kanye girlfriend ever, no offense Kim K:

Then a bald blondie arrived and took over:

Before things took a turn for the worse, Yeezy was as chipper as can be this night:

It’s hard not to smile when you’re speeding with Hov in your passenger seat and models are stacked in your backseat:

Seriously… maybe the happiest we’ve ever seen him:

And then this happened:

And how can you not smile when you’re about to be a new daddy:

Please Kanye, get yo smile swag back!