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This Friday it all comes to an end for the Wolf Pack as The Hangover 3 hits theaters. 

Before you line up to get your tickets, grab your popcorn with extra butter and a large soda for two, we wanted to let y’all in on 10 secrets from The Hangover 3 that will blow your mind. 

We caught up with The Hangover writers Todd Philips and Craig Mazin this weekend and they schooled us on some back stories that you may find interesting.

1. John Goodman’s character in the third film is named after Eminem.

Marshall is actually the guy who wanted the roofies in the original Hangover, before the drug dealer messed up the orders. His back story is he gave some woman roofies, but because of the switch-up she ended up taking ecstasy, but that’s not what Marshall wanted. Hangover creator, director and writer, Todd Philips recalls the moment when he was writing the first Hangover:

“Literally that moment, he’s even named Marshall because I was listening to Eminem when I was writing that. Never did we think, that that thing become a thing.” 

2. Alan has a lot of hidden talents and he’s actually almost autistic.

For example, he sings Ave Maria at his dad’s funeral in this film, and his crazy ability to play cards so well in the orginal. He’s a sociopathic character with a lot of heart. 

3. Alan’s parents just got BET.

Todd explains:

“Yeah it’s really good point. We talked about this sort of new hip hop alan. He gets easily influenced by anything. They just got BET in his house and they’ve been watching it like crazy. He was going to be like Hip Hop Alan.”

4. The movie is about trying to heal this really one fucked up guy. 

5. There is a possibility of a Mr. Chow spin off. 

6. They were supposed to end the movie on an emotional beat but decided against it.

They wanted to stick it to the critics of Hangover 2 who said:

“Eh how can this happen twice! To the same people. This is ridiculous! Eh!” So we are like watch it happens a 3rd time. We did it just for you,” mocks Todd Philips.

7. There are a lot of dead bodies in this movie. 

8. The movie series was always going to end back in Vegas. It had to end where it all began. 

9. An Alan impersonator charged Todd Philips a dollar to take a picture with him.

“When we were scouting for the Hangover 3, I saw the guys and I went to take a picture with them. The Zack character turned around and was like no free pictures. I was like no I directed the movie. He wouldn’t let me take the picture, but the Stu guy actually recognized me.”

10. The actual baby, Grant Holmquist from the original Hangover poster is in The Hangover 3.

“We called up the mom and said hey we’re doing another one and we would love to see how Grant is doing. Then they came to my office and he was great and we had so much fun seeing him again.” 

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