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Most baby mamas end up broke, bitter and basic (we’re just keeping it real) but not Bow Wow’s. Joie Chavis is actually a breath of fresh air.

The mother of Shai defies the negative stereotyping that comes with the title, and we want to follow suit and help change the term “baby mama” by highlighting the mothers of famous children who are doing their thing, and Joie is definitely doing her thing.

If you don’t understand, Urban Dictionary uses “baby mama” in a sentence to help us explain:

“Tiffany is a greedy baby mama; she is using her child support payments to buy her new boyfriend some speakers for his car.”

Yep, they have a bad rep! But we’d never group Joie in with any of those other desperate mothers. Her life is pretty dope right now and it’s all due to a great work ethic.

She’s in a new relationship with “Niggas In Paris” producer Hit Boy, she’s focused on modeling and has most recently been featured on the cover of Show Mag’s Black Lingerie

Last but not least, she’s a health fitness freak with a super stacked body, living a very positive life – all while she raising her baby girl

So “typical” baby mamas can learn something a little something from Joie.

Check it out below…

Joie and her baby girl take some cute candid pics

She shows off her bikini back…

and front…

Look at those abs though!

Her in this dress

and in this bikini

Hit Boy is a lucky guy…

and by the looks of things, he knows that…

We see you Joie!

…and those killer abs one more time!

Photo Credit: Instagram