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Happy Birthday Biggie. 

We miss you. While it’s been 16 years since you passed away, your memory lives on. Your music is still considered the best. Your style is still admired to this day and your kids are good and taken care of. I guess the Lox were right, “They’ll Always Love Big Poppa.” 

I can’t help but wonder what Biggie would be like if he was still alive today. Would he be the most popular rapper on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook?

Would he even be a part of the social media age? Or would he take a path more like Jay-Z: on it, but not really on it. 

Who knows, but one thing is for sure, we can always wonder. We decided to create a couple of polls to get your ideas as to what would Frank White would be like if he was around today. 

Let us know your thoughts…

Would Biggie Be On Twitter?

How would BIG use twitter?

Would Biggie Be On Instagram?

What Do You Think BIG Would Post On Instagram?

Would BIG be a fan of the blogs?

Would BIG have been put on blast by BLOGS For trying to holla at a groupie?

Do you think BIG Would Be On Reality TV?