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It’s Memorial Day Weekend, and we all know what’s about to go down at barbeques around the country.

It’s the weekend where we all kick off the summer and welcome the warm weather, but most of us also set the tone for what the next 3 months should be like.

And if anyone can show us how to do things right, it’s definitely the Wolf Pack.

Here’s a guide to having the best time at a Memorial Day party according to the cast of The Hangover!

1. Make sure you roll up to the party with an open mind and some fly gear.

2. Make your rounds and don’t be afraid to keep a mental note of the ones you will probably only say “hi” and “bye” to.

3. No matter what, keep your cool. But don’t be afraid to use excessive sarcasm.

4. You never want to be THAT person that stays on top of the grill with a plate when the burgers and hotdogs are cooking.

5. Instagram is definitely going to be like a diary of the night, so make sure you don’t let anyone take any embarrassing pictures of you.

6. Expect the unexpected. No, seriously. With burgers cooking, alcohol flowing, and people talking, things really could get crazy.

7. Have a good time, but don’t be that one person who’s way too drunk to function.

8. Let yourself shock people, because they definitely will remember you!

9. It’s OK to scream out obscene things, but if there’s no pool in the back yard, you might want to keep your shirt on.

10. Always, always, ALWAYS go out with a bang.

11. Make sure the party was very well documented!

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