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A few weeks ago, Kanye West made headlines when he premiered his new song and video, “New Slaves,” by projecting it on the sides of buildings all over the world

People called Ye a genius for finding an innovative way to release new music and create a buzz for his album Yeezus. But this week, he’s being called disrespectful for the exact same thing.

On Sunday, the 35-year-old rapper tried to play his video on a wall of The Alamo in San Antonio, TX, but the event was shut down after about 500 people gathered to watch.

San Antonio PD claims that no permit was received for any showing and no one from Kanye’s camp or label asked for permission from The Alamo to play the video on their building. 

“We were never asked, and we were never told what was going to happen,” said Mark Loeffler, spokesperson for the Texas General Land Office, the Alamo’s caretaker. “It’s sad that people have such little respect for the Alamo.”

Respect was the theme for the people of Texas, as members of the Texas National Movement protested the attempt to show the video at the historic site. 

“It’s very disrespectful to the people who died here,” TNM member Angie Alexander said.

Kanye does have some supporters in Texas, so it’s not all bad. One Kanye West fan said, “I think people just think it’s controversial because it’s a rapper.”

Is this a case of rapper racism, or do you agree that it’s insensitive? 

SOURCE: My San Antonio // Photo Credit: B. Lewis & Sam Marie Instagram