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Apparently, Willow Smith plans on changing her musical style like she changes her hair.

Remember when Willow Smith was all wild, whipping her hair everywhere? Well, she ain’t doing that no more. She has a new sound now.

The singer/rapper is teaming up with DJ Fabrega to form a new group called Melodic Chaotic.

The duo just released their debut single, which is appropriately called “The Intro.” According to a video the two put out a couple of weeks ago, Willow is Melodic and DJ Fabrega is Chaotic.

So how does “The Intro” sound? Pretty good. Fabrega provides Willow with a dark, atmospheric beat, while Willow sings with a voice that is notably deeper, more mature.

Listen to Melodic Chaos’ introduction below. And also watch a video of the two explaining the group below that. 

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