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Napster and Facebook billionaire Sean Parker got married this weekend in an extreme over-the-top $10M wedding to Alexandra Lenas on the California coast, but it wasn’t a total fairytale.

The internet entrepreneur has been slapped with a $2.5M penalty after he failed to get the proper permits for his Game of Thrones-style Big Sur wedding.

The California Coastal Commission and Parker said they have reached a settlement to pay for coastal conservation programs after the Napster co-founder built a large movie set-like wedding site in an ecologically sensitive area of Big Sur.

Officials were tipped off about Parker’s lavish 300 guest, $10M wedding, where he built [had people build for him] a cottage, fake ruins, waterfalls, staircases and a huge dance floor near iconic redwoods and a stream with threatened steelhead trout, after neighbors complained.

The complaints prompted a county investigation into the construction at a closed campground owned by Ventana Inn & Spa. The Ventana is negotiating a separate settlement for allowing the construction to occur.

But, let’s be honest, $2.5M is nothing to Sean Parker, who is worth an estimated $2 billion after becoming the founder of Napster and other tech start-ups and working with Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg during the early days of the social network.

SOURCE: Daily Mail