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It’s all fun and games until Jesse Eisenberg “ethers” you during an interview.

Univision’s correspondent Rubina Puga sat down for an interview with the Now You See Me star and it went totally wrong. She started off the interview by calling Morgan Freeman “Freeman,” and Jessie made a smart remark asking if they were on a softball team together.

That’s where the interview starts and apparently ends; because it’s all downhill from there. Jesse calls her the Carrot Top of interviewers and goes on to say:

“No. Don’t cry now. Cry after the interview is over, because otherwise it’ll look like I was responsible for it.”

To be honest, the two were being complete jerks to one another, but it made for one of the greatest 2 and half minutes of video the internet has ever seen. 

Who knew The Social Network star was so brutal? 

Check it out above.

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