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It’s a fact! The word fashion gets women going. Our eyebrows rise and so does our interest. Walking into a store or closet that is colorful from ceiling to ground filled with designer shoes and bags just gives us a rush, like a candy store to a child. Well, that’s exactly what happened in this case.

The LifeStyleHer had the pleasure of sitting down with gorgeous and fashionably gifted Mieka Blackman-Reese, founder and CEO of and Rich Girl Candy. Professionally styling for the past six years, Mieka admits, “You have to feel confident in what you’re wearing because confidence wears you. If you’re not confident it shows, and it doesn’t matter what you have on.”

When did you fall in love with fashion?

My mom has always been into fashion, so I was her dress-up doll as a child. I’ve had custom leather skirt suits since birth. When I was young I remember every time I got in the car I would ask to go to Macy’s, although back then it was called Marshall Fields. “I wanna go to Marshall Fields.” I wouldn’t ask to go to the park, rather shopping!

How would you describe your personal style?

My personal style is a smorgasbord, it varies as the days and my moods change. I’m a fan of classic, clean looks, so there are a lot of timeless pieces in my closet. But I’m also very much on trend and collect special edition handbags in crazy colors that go out of season quick! My style is very in the moment and I’m a tomboy; I’ll wear retro sneakers one day and end the night in Louboutin stilettos and a Tom Ford dress.

Has your style changed or evolved in any way since becoming a mother?

Yes!! Before my son, I would only buy 5 1/2 inch or higher heels. It just came natural to me, but having my baby, I need to maneuver faster. I started buying the sneaker wedges by Isabel Marant, Giuseppe Zanotti, Jimmy Choo, and any other designer that makes them; they are so convenient for moms who still want to be stylish but also tend to their child.

How long have you been styling Derrick Rose and what is your inspiration for his style?

Derrick doesn’t like to think he’s “styled,” he likes to takes credit for his look. He’s not really flashy and will only get crazy with his shoes. I get a lot of the crazy colored Christian Louboutin sneakers for him. He has a lot of input, especially if he doesn’t like something, he’s vocal. He won’t wear something that he’s not comfortable in, no matter how “fashionable” it might be. His style is evolving as he evolves, he’s truly becoming a leader in style.

Where do you see yourself as a stylist (The Socialite Styling) and Rich Girl Candy in 5 years?

Styling is my first love, but right now it’s taking the backseat to my Rich Girl Candy movement, I’m building a brand. Rich Girl Candy is an online consignment store and also an active wear line. To be “Rich” is to have an abundance of. I’m rich with faith, I’m rich with family and friends. To be “Rich” is a way of life and Rich Girl Candy is a lifestyle. In 5 years, I see Rich Girl Candy being so much bigger than it currently is, a household name and sold everywhere

Must have summer item?

Must-have for the summer is Neon Brights! Neon is very on trend this summer, it’s everywhere. All my Rich Girl Candy tees are Neon for Spring/Summer 2013.

Name one item that you currently had your eye on, it was on your lust/must list?

Chanel showed a gigantic hula hoop sized bag on the runway and it was recently released. It’s so unnecessary and so fabulous! Priced at $10,500, I love it! It’s not practical for me but I did get the smaller version of the Hula hoop bag in yellow. I had to have it.

For a woman on a budget, do you have any suggestions on how she can update or transform her look?

Yes, for fashionable women on a budget, H&M and Zara are great places to shop! They have all the current trends of the season, at a fraction of designer prices. 

“When you look good you feel good. When I’m feeling down; I shop, I try on the prettiest things. Self-esteem is a reflection of your self-image, you must look your best. Always dress like you’re going to see your worst enemy!” – Mieka 

~Mashonda and Erin B for The LifeStyleHer Files

The LifeStyleHer Files are bi-weekly lifestyle posts produced and curated by Mashonda Tifrere exclusively for The LifeStyleHer will focus on all things women, aiming to enrich the womanly mind, body and soul.

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