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I know what you’re thinking.

“How the hell was Arthur racist? Or inappropriate? PBS would never allow that.”

But the nasty truth is…they did. And it wasn’t until I was sitting down reliving the ’90s with my best friend (which I do more often than I want to admit) that I realized some of our favorite shows were teaching us all the wrong things.

And while some are obvious (Power Rangers…how transparent can you be), others were sneaky with it.

So now, as an adult, I’m sitting here all like:

…because it’s finally occurring to me that the world is really a fucked up place when you realize Rocko was a phone sex operator and Pepe Le Pew was…well, see below.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers:

OK, so let’s just start off with the obvi. Trini, the Yellow Ranger, was Asian. Zack, the Black Ranger…well duh. And Kimberly, the cute little perfect Pink Ranger, was a white girl. Not to mention the White Ranger had all types of skills and was the best of the best. That, my friends is no coincidence.

Oh wait. I almost forgot. Zack had mad rhythm and could dance his ass off. Come on…


Whoever created Arthur is an asshole. The little aardvark and his friends seemed innocent enough, but it was his friend Francine that got the racist treatment. First thing’s first, Francine was a monkey. Which isn’t so bad, but remember when Muffy tried to get Francine’s hair done for picture day and it puffed right into an afro? She’s clearly a sistah like me. And then they had the nerve to always talk about how poor she was, and she and her sister shared a room (no other characters did) AND her father was a garbage man…which Francine is mad embarrassed about. Don’t play PBS…you just stereotyped the shit out of black people.

Looney Tunes – Pepe Le Pew:

Listen…I’m going to just keep it real. Pepe was a rapist. Like, he legit needs to be on some sex offender list. And he doesn’t understand that no means no. Look at Warner Bros, perpetuating rape culture and shit. SMH.

Captain Planet:

I have to be honest. Loved me some Captain Planet. Loved that the spirit of the Earth looked like a Native American woman. And that the Planeteers’ mission was to take pollution down to zero. But the African had the power of Earth. Not racist, but obvious. The dude from North America, however? He was an Irish ginger who liked to play with fire. How rude!

Looney Tunes – Bugs Bunny & Elmer Fudd

Where do I start. First of all, old Looney Tunes clips prove Bugs was a racist. Pure and simple. But when he would dress up as a woman to prevent archenemy Elmer Fudd from killing him? Well that sent an entirely different message for little girls and boys. Short dresses, boobs and a cute face will get you out of any situation. And…just another sidebar…as an adult I think it’s safe to say Elmer Fudd would climax every time he saw Bugs in drag. Which is…well…I’ll leave that right there.

Rocko’s Modern Life

If you don’t know by now, Rocko once worked as a phone sex operator. On a kids’ show. And if you don’t think that’s just dirty and inappropriate, watch these 39 other jokes College Humor pulled together. Mind. Officially. Blown.

The Jetsons:

Want to talk about another racist show? Sorry…but the Jetsons totally excluded any people of color in their post-war, American dream, future world. What, were we all systematically eradicated? Not allowed to live in the clouds with white people? What is this segregation? It’s the future dude…and you’re telling me there are no brown people. Unbelievable. Black people can reach the clouds too…so what is this show really teaching us?

Hey Arnold!

Let me break it down. Arnold is the protagonist. Caring, understanding, generous, and he always saves the day. He also happens to be white. Then there is Gerald. Tall, athletic, wears sports jerseys and Chuck Taylors. Oh…and he’s black. Then their Asian friend Phoebe is smart, studious and wears glasses. Let me pull it all together. White people are saviors. Black people are good in sports. And Asians are always smart.


I’m going to leave you with this one. A dirty joke from one of my favorite cartoons involving the almighty Prince and his sexuality. 

Ya’ll are so wrong for this…All of this. Childhood RUINED!

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