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One of those sweet babies above has a birthday today.

It’s June 10, 2013, which means that Natasha “Sasha” Obama (left) is 12-years-old. That’s like…totally a preteen!

Not sure how the President is going to deal with his baby girl growing up, or what the first family will do to celebrate their youngest daughter, but we’ve decided to pull together our favorite photos of the first daughter in her honor.

And though it seems that we just saw the chubby-cheeked toddler on her father’s hip yesterday…the real Sasha Fierce is all grown up. 

We can’t believe our eyes! Happy Birthday Sasha!

OK, try to ignore Obama. This is Sasha’s day. What a chubba-wubba baby!

Smizing First Daughters…

Total daddy’s girl!

Somebody isn’t impressed with confetti…

I can’t…I just can’t with the cuteness… 

This was probably the age Sasha really learned how to work the camera. That smile! 

She’s never one to hide it. Sorry dad, but not impressed…

Somebody is getting tall!

BFFs forever…

Any time you have a President who can drive bumper cars and make this face. No wonder the two are so close! 

Getting a little big to be picked up. But he’s gonna try anyway!

We’re officially grown now. Now just who are we blowing kisses to, Sasha? 

I’m confused…where did time go? Who is that woman…

And why is she just as tall as President Obama!

And who told her she could wear a blazer!? That’s such a big girl fashion statement! 

She’s clearly a lady. No longer a baby.

My, how she’s grown!

This is like, an adult…right? 

The. Best. Selfie. Ever.