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Your first friend Tom from Myspace is somewhere traveling the world, photographing it and living big off the invention he sold…possibly attending weddings of everyone in his Top 8.

But back at the home base, Justin Timberlake has taken over – like a real life version of The Social Network – with the help of Tim and Chris Vanderhook, and launched the social site into something brand spanking new with a fresh focus: entertainment. 

The new launched today, revealing a design-forward site focused on entertainment that combines social networking with streaming music, which in some ways takes Myspace back to its roots with a modern twist. 

According to reports by The Economic Times

The launch comes nearly two years after the Irvine, Calif.-based Specific Media owners teamed with Justin Timberlake to buy the ailing website for $35 million, a fraction of the $560 million News Corp. paid for it in 2005. 

The Vanderhooks believe the previous owners made a mistake when they tried to compete with emerging force Facebook. At its peak, they believe Myspace was driven by a sense of discovery and sharing. Bands, for instance, would post songs, tour schedules and blogs for fans to follow. It was more direct than a website and gave users the first true sense of social media’s larger possibilities. 

Rack your brain to try and remember that password and go and check out the all new Myspace today. Gone are the days of HTML customized pages with dropping glittery graphics; the new space is here. 

SOURCE: The Economic Times